setembro 24, 2015


 photos via vmagazine
 I dont care what you're thinking. It's never too late to post about London Fashion Week! :D

setembro 20, 2015


Hi there! I'm back from vacations yesterday and will back to school tomorrow, yet halfway gas and very little desire to get a foot out of bed, especially of temperatures that are felt. Staying behind the bikinis and shorts them, the birkenstock and the endless beach day .. or maybe not there's always a chance to travel and also enjoy one of those really hot autumn days we usually have in Portugal. Have a nice weekend!

setembro 14, 2015


This week I'm so! Of camera in hand because I'm on vacation. The place chosen was the best. House. Nazaré. Paredes. S.Pedro Moel. Lagoa da Ervedeira, Around. I'll probably leaving the beside of shirt, jeans ands substitute crop tops, shorts and a lot saltwater. 

setembro 09, 2015


Here it is a different kind of post since this weekend I wont be able to shoot for the blog because I'll be working. Even thought it sucks, I also bring good news. I'm buying a new phone (cause my old one was bringing more trouble than I could are) and I choose Huawei P8 I and I pretty sure it will be a good investment. Do you guys an Huawei? Any opinions? But, well, big news aside the topic of this post is this bags. If the shoes are big of perdition many women, the bags don't far behind. These are my choices

setembro 03, 2015


From The Chronicles of Her
I' m all about sharing the love and I think that if you enjoy reading or looking at my blog then these four bloggers with their fantastic style will definitely appeal to you. The styles of the bloggers I have been following, some have found new directions that aren´t as inspiring to me as they once were, others have appeared as if from no where and blown me away with their wonderful style.