junho 19, 2015

Hey! So today I thought I would post something diferente and show what is diffesing rent around here. Let's start off with the layout itseft, the whole appearance of the blog is diferent. The only thing I kept the same is the font in the blog title as it has become OH, CAROLINA! font since this begining. I did work with Daniela Salsa, author of The Restless Mind Design, a blog design store, on making of mine as perfect for you as possible so I really hope you like it and feel free to tell me what you like and don´t like, who knows I might chance it if  I agree whit you. My blog is one of my dearest possessians so taking this huge leap and trying to make it a profissional as possible is really important to me.
So now let´s talk new design. To begin with the menu bar that stick to the blog and will never leave you. There you can fnd the following pages: The Blooger (well this one it pretty obvious), STUDIO (that is my blog of photography where I post shoots), Categories (all the topics that I write and post's pictures here on the blog) and Contact Me (for whomever wants to get in touch with me). On the left, just under my profile picture are all my social media and contact buttons. Just like before but with a different and polished look.

Lastly I wanted to mention that there are now four little squares of post related to the one you're reading. That's it. Feel free to ask me anything else or say what you think of it in the comments, don´t be sky. I really value your opinion. 

Carolina Francisco 

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